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Lil' Merfin Coral

***The Lil MerFin is the ‘little sister’ product to the Mahina MerFin Classic. It is referred to as the ‘training wheels’ for the MerFin Classic. Mahina developed the Lil MerFin in 2013- 2014, preparing for its launch to market in 2015. The Lil MerFin has an aesthetically beautiful design with its style essence inspired by its older sister the MerFin Classic, with more of a ‘cute’ look & feel.
The Lil MerFin is an ultra lightweight fin which has an adjustable foot strap, which makes it a one size fits all for children between the ages of 6 and12. As the name suggests, the Lil MerFin has been designed especially for Lil Mermaids, with safety being of paramount importance. It is for those wanting to test the waters & put their little toes in the shallow end to discover what all the fuss of Mermaiding is about. It is best described as a dress up toy that can be used both in and out of the water. It lets little girls imagine they are a mermaid and even swim a lap or two like a mermaid if the foot strap is pulled tight. For safety reasons though, the foot strap will release quite quickly when used in the pool, which is part of the adjustable single foot strap design.
Nearly all fins that have a one size fits all foot pocket, with an adjustable foot strap will come off the feet fairly quickly. If you are looking for a Mermaid fin that has more of a snug fit, with a double foot strap design that will stay on the feet for the full duration of the time in the water, then you should look at our high performance MerFin Classic range. Nothing on the market compares with the MerFin Classic which has been created by a mermaid for those wanting to be a mermaid.
The Lil MerFin is an important part of any beginner mermaids journey so they can test the water in an affordable fun, safe, easy, playful way. It is regarded as an entry to market product with a corresponding lower price point that is nearly half the price of the big sister MerFin Classic product.
The Lil MerFin is perfect for the pool, allowing Lil Mermaids to play their Mermaid games in safety. It supports children to build water confidence, while inspiring their imaginations. Let’s not forget the happiness it brings a little girl when she gets to fulfill her dreams of becoming a little Mermaid!