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Mahina Merfins

The Mahina MerFin is a unique product, the first functional mermaid mono-fin on the market. They are made with recycled rubber, and are one of the first eco friendly/recycled fins produced. The MerFin is soft, flexible and functional and will give you the speed and agility of any fish in the ocean. The MerFin is a great pool toy, a wonderful snorkelling fin or swimming device for fitness… Not to mention the awesome fun of bodysurfing the waves! It is safe to use, with just one flick of the ankle strap the legs are free.

“Mahina MerFin’s were developed to inspire the hearts, imagination, and dreams of children. I want to promote ‘Mermaiding’ as a new concept in beach and pool culture. It is my hope that the MerFins will encourage children to discover the beauty of the ocean, to listen to the natural world around them and follow what they love. I hope that the experience and fun of swimming like a mermaid or a fish may strengthen their desire to protect the sea and her creatures, That they may be inspired to make beautiful waves in our world with their hands, hearts and MerFins.”

 ~ Kazzie Mahina