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New Water Woman Series of Merfins available now!

Posted by on 19 November 2015

Water Woman Series - The Black MerFin by Mahina Mermaid


The Black MerFin is our most edgy Fin yet! It is sleek, cool and embodies the essence of The Water Woman. She brings a touch of glamour to the ocean but she's not afraid of diving deep and standing out. She chases her dreams gracefully and courageously. She is free of spirit and full of wanderlust.

The Mahina MerFin is a unique and never seen before mermaid mono-fin. The MerFins one of the first eco friendly fins and made with recycled rubber. The MerFin is soft, flexible and will give you grace and agility as you glide through the water. The MerFin is perfect for all underwater-exploration and makes an excellent device for fitness! It is safe to use, with just one flick of the ankle strap the legs are free.

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